My Ph.D. Application

Chenyang Zhang
I will join Georgia Tech as a Ph.D. student in 2024 fall!

Adapting Visualizations in Context:
A Natural Language Grammar Supported by Large Language Models

Chenyang Zhang*, Ruxun Xiang*, Hanspeter Pfister, Zhutian Chen
In Progress :)

Aligning Values and Tools in Documentation for Teaching and Learning Physical Computing

Chenyang Zhang, Andrew Chen, Sarah Sterman
In Progress :)

Co-Design of a Retrospective and Continuous Human-AI Collaborative System based on Hormone-Related Medical Records for Sequelae Analysis and Modeling

Yang Ouyang, Chenyang Zhang, He Wang, Tianle Ma, Chang Jiang, Yuheng Yan, Zuoqin Yan, Xiaojuan Ma, Chuhan Shi, Quan Li
Under Review

Leveraging Visual Depth for Gaze Interaction in Virtual Reality

Chenyang Zhang*, Tiansu Chen*, Rohan Nedungadi, Eric Shaffer, Elahe Soltanaghai

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