Adapting Visualizations in Context: A Natural Language Grammar Supported by Large Language Models

Chenyang Zhang*, Ruxun Xiang*, Hanspeter Pfister, Zhutian Chen
In Progress :)

Aligning Values and Tools in Documentation for Teaching and Learning Physical Computing

Chenyang Zhang, Andrew Chen, Sarah Sterman
In Progress :)

Co-Design of a Retrospective and Continuous Human-AI Collaborative System based on Hormone-Related Medical Records for Sequelae Analysis and Modeling

Yang Ouyang, Chenyang Zhang, He Wang, Tianle Ma, Chang Jiang, Yuheng Yan, Zuoqin Yan, Xiaojuan Ma, Chuhan Shi, Quan Li
Under Review  0_0

Leveraging Visual Depth for Gaze Interaction in Virtual Reality

Chenyang Zhang*, Tiansu Chen*, Rohan Nedungadi, Eric Shaffer, Elahe Soltanaghai

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