Inspecting Promotion Strategies of Online E-commerce via Visual Analytics

Promotions are commonly used by e-commerce merchants to boost sales. The efficacy of different promotion strategies can help sellers adapt their offering to customer demand in order to survive and thrive. Current approaches to designing promotion strategies are either based on econometrics, which may not scale to large amounts of sales data, or are spontaneous and provide little explanation of sales volume. Moreover, accurately measuring the effects of promotion designs and making bootstrappable adjustments accordingly remains a challenge due to the incompleteness and complexity of the information describing promotion strategies and their market environments. We present PromotionLens , a visual analytics system for exploring, comparing, and modeling the impact of various promotion strategies. Our approach combines representative multi-variant time-series forecasting models and well-designed visualizations to demonstrate and explain the impact of sales and promotional factors, and to support “what-if” analysis of promotions. Two case studies, expert feedback, and a qualitative user study demonstrate the efficacy of PromotionLens .